24 year introduction audio track

2018, 24 minute audio track, Scaffold Gallery, there’s no such thing as boredom  



nested sequence 2017, Holden Gallery, Manchester, UK

My mind incessantly questions the validity of things, the motives and the meaning of both actions and thoughts, without ever managing to reach a conclusion. In today’s world people are attempting every day to gain acknowledgements of their existence, through billions of daily uploaded data of segments of people’s life. Nested sequence, is a looped video of human extremities finding new interlocking gestures, exploring concepts such as confusion, development and understanding and It asks, of whom and of what can I say, I know that? With the idea that knowledge begins and ends only within those things that can be touched and is lost when there is any attempt to define them. For this reason, there needs to be allowance made for those who, without concluding, continue questioning.



the labour of our body and the work of our hands, 2017 Holden Gallery, Manchester, UK



the message has already ceased to exist 2017, AIVAF 2019, Shilpokola, Bangladesh National Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh




merge 2016, Wales/Egypt