Durational Performance in ‘Where are you in these interesting times?’ Scaffold Gallery, Manchester, 2018
The work considers laughter. The darker, depersonalising, instrumental laughter which is induced through a defence mechanism, a subconscious response due to the conflict between obedience to one’s sense of security and personal conscience. After relinquishing one’s agency; how do you gain back your own regnant processes?


the cashier only allowed us 24 jars
Happening: Market Street, Manchester, October 2018
Two bodies covered in jam, a camper battery, a power inverter, toaster and toast
11 am busy street



Happening: Free city centre buss services, Manchester, August 2018
A single person, a clear plastic bag with six cucumbers



altercation II
Durational performance in ‘Leeds Art Prize’, Left Bank, Leeds, 2018


Voyage 1
Happening: Single character, full body flesh zentai suit, mattress springs, from the studio to the gallery, Manchester, 2018


Durational performance in ‘Food to the Dogs’, Tape Modern, Manchester, 2018