perambulates, 2019 ULTRA, London – durational performanceThis work probes on questions of the desires of some imposed upon other unaware beings. The given fantasies or forced pleasure are the mental foreplay which makes actual discomfort seem alluring and enticing to the other, blurring the lines of consent. These oppressions aren’t only between individuals but also manifest as forces between countries, entities and polices which they can enforce upon others. It is in the mind of the intruder, predatory observer, which makes the no, into an imaginary yes.

Memorandum of Understanding, 2019 Dhaka Live Art Biennale, – Durational Performance of 4 hours for 3 days. The West is increasingly divided into those who have money but no time and those who have time but no money. The latter, with time, waits on the ones with capital. The wicked cycle of action-waiting-action and then being in a hurry to wait again. The atmosphere in the waiting room defines the note of the coming action. In the waiting there is an alienation that comes from the engagement between the fragmented and ambivalent reality within us and the tangible reality of our physical lives. We wish to stop and contemplate waiting, the culture and experience of it. There is an anxiety in waiting but then, when a time is allocated for waiting, to consider, experience and be still in it, we find ourselves no longer waiting. Within life some have emerged as the vanguard and pioneers: those who have the clarity to escape the bondage of the waiting culture.

tähteinvälinen 2019 Geothe Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh – Durational performance in the Goethe Institute in Dhaka Bangladesh for a private opening with the production company Epiphania. The title originates from Finnish loosely translates as the word that describes the space between the stars.

power 2019 Scaffold Gallery, Altringham, UK Durational Performance in ‘Where are you in these interesting times?’ Scaffold Gallery, Manchester, 2018 The work considers laughter. The darker, depersonalising, instrumental laughter which is induced through a defence mechanism, a subconscious response due to the conflict between obedience to one’s sense of security and personal conscience. After relinquishing one’s agency; how do you gain back your own regnant processes?


the cashier only allowed us 24 jars Happening: Market Street, Manchester, UK Two bodies covered in jam, a camper battery, a power inverter, toaster and toast 11 am busy street

cetriolo 2018 Happening, Free city centre buss services, Manchester, August A single person, a clear plastic bag with six cucumbers

altercation II2018 Durational performance in ‘Leeds Art Prize’, Left Bank, Leeds, UK

Voyage, 2018 Manchester, UK
Happening: Single character, full body flesh zentai suit, mattress springs, from the studio to the gallery, Manchester, 2018

altercation,  Food to the Dogs, Tape Modern, Manchester, Durational performance