sophia moffa (Rome) Birmingham UK

Moffa’s work is interested in the interactions that occur between the self, society and the environment. Lately her practice has concentrated on the negotiations that are necessary in today’s society to survive/live and the interaction between ourselves and the system. Moffa’s work has a minimal and slightly dystopic aesthetic, this spurs from her questioning of the oversaturated environment that we live in, which clouds and persistently feeds the mind. She works experimentally and intuitively within her practice and uses experiences from her life to feed her practice. She also uses a physical sketch book by performing happenings within the city, using the unexpecting audiences as a critical mass. Moffa is also co-founder of experimental gallery Tape Modern and works collaboratively with artist across different countries, primarily in the artist dyad, enne&moffa.  Her collaborations are performance-based and focus on the artists mutual interests on the human condition and society-leftovers. Branching in particular from commenting on contemporary issues which are re-evaluated on a wider spectrum in order to extract more human related questions that the issues relate to.  Moffa has exhibited and curated internationally. Her latest shows include Fringe Arts Bath, London Ultra, Shilpokala, Dhaka National Gallery, Bangladesh and curated OMVA 2020, Borderless Lockdown for Artpro.