Sophia Moffa (b. 1994 Rome) is interested in the relations and tensions between the body, and the socio-political and technological events surrounding society. Initially working intuitively, experimenting and negotiating within her settings and materials, her works question topics surrounding existentialism, the human condition and modern ethics.

She mainly works in performance, video and sculpture to materialise the concepts, has exhibited within UK, Italy, Singapore and Egypt and co-funder of mobile studio and gallery “Tape Modern” currently based in Community Occupied Properties.

  • 2018                    Food to the Dogs, Tape Modern, Curator & Artist, Manchester, UK
  • 2018                   THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS BOREDOM, Scaffold Gallery, Manchester. UK
  • 2018                    Co-Funded “Tape Modern” with Finnish artist Riikka Enne
  • 2017                     Our Small Global Neighborhood, Cultural Centar Gjorce Petrov, Skopje, R. Macedonia
  • 2017                     THIS IS IT – Holden Gallery MA Show, Manchester UK
  • 2017                     TRACES DE VIE – Galleria Wikiarte, Bologna Italy
  • 2017                     Platform  – Group Exhibition -The Great Medical Disaster – Castlefield Gallery, Manchester UK
  • 2017                     xxxhibition – Group Show – Grosvenor Gallery, Manchester UK
  • 2017                     Margins –  Group Exhibition – Benzie Gallery, Manchester UK
  • 2017                     Waiting the Hour – performance, Benzie Gallery, Manchester, UK
  • 2016                     Installation of IL CROGIOLO in Brashnar Sculpture Park, Macedonia
  • 2016                     Open Studio Day at Brashnar Art Residency, Skopje, Macedonia
  • 2016                     Stained Glass Window Commission for Chapel at Prima Porta. Rome, Italy
  • 2016                     Stained Glass commission for chapel in Villetta Barrea, Abruzzo, Italy – Rome, Italy
  • 2016                     Group Exhibition, Ammonford, Wales, UK
  • 2016                     Degree Show at Jobswell Campus, Carmarthen, UK
  • 2016                     Welsh Drawing Book Exhibition – Oriel Henry Thomas Carmarthen, UK
  • 2016                     Sculptor Performer CHEMESTRY | Alexandria Performance, Alexandria-Rezodance, Egypt
  • 2016                     CHEMESTRY | Jerusalem Hills Performance Directed with A’shua Imran/ Linda Solay, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2015                     Soulscape, Lululemon Mandala Mural commission, Singapore
  • 2015                     CHEMESTRY Performance directed by A’shua Imran, Singapore
  • 2015                     Statila/ BW549 – Guerrilla installation – Porta maggiore, Rome, Italy
  • 2014                     Group Show, Carmarthen, UK2014                     Mural in Private Home, Singapore







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