Description: A collaborative performance involving a group of artists of various disciplines
Medium: Durational performance consisting of various mediums (Sculpture, painting, installation, photography, video and dance)
Duration: 40 – 60 Minutes
Date, time:  18 January 2016, 10 – 11pm
Similar to previous CHEMISTRY performances, a team of artists will collaborate and engage in a durational performance by spontaneously reacting to each other’s actions without any verbal communication. The artists of various specialisms will respond to each other’s actions individually and as a collective. The primary material used during the performance will be concrete and engine oil.
Emotions, moods and feelings are a silent language we explore within us and others, evoking and receiving signals continuously. The emotions investigated during the performance are those often hidden from strangers, the ones we reject or seek to understand within ourself and others.
The concept of the materials are fixed to the emotional state one seeks to integrate with the raw and artificial aesthetics of concrete and the beauty and reflective property of used engine oil. While the sculptor evokes emotions during the process of the work, the final piece remains uninhabited, allowing constant empathy with the viewer.
The core concept of CHEMISTRY investigates the separateness of individual identities and our ego’s desire to be part of a collective identity / consciousness without losing our individuality. This project was inspired from a curiosity about ‘chemistry’ between people by inviting artist of various disciplines, nationalities and cultures to collaborate on a durational performance.